What is your dream?

“Spread your wings and fly.As long as you are not hurting someone, as long as you are not ruining others reputation spread your wings and fly until you reach the summit of your dreams”

Every human being in this planet has a dream, I bet you too has a dream! Me being a student of course I have dreams like booming the stage with my instrument

(yeah that’s pretty cool)

or having a million worth house and lot?

Image result for house and lot

(Im sure my mom’s gonna cry in happiness) or having a mercedes benz in my parking lot (that’s life brother!) but before that I need to fulfill my greatest dream and that is having my college degree,but i know its not that easy.I have so many enemies in my journey like laziness.

(this is my mood everytime Im studying geez.)

Laziness is my mortal enemy,I fight with it every single day but at the end of the day I still won! because I know my dreams will still be a dream if I dont do something to pursue it,so for you my brothers and sisters, suffer now success later, the aftermath is secondary. A Mercedes Benz will not pop up on your front without doing anything.

Image result for i graduate meme
Image result for i graduate meme

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