Our Travel Bucket list

I bet each one of us has a bucketlist like me and my friend Rochelle.

First in our bucketlist is The beautiful Island of



We didn’t get to Basco, Batanes yet but we dream to be there because we want to see the famous landmark which is the Lighthouse near the Sea

Caliraya Laguna

Image result for caliraya laguna

because we want an extreme experience like rapelling and we want to experience their famous Slide a fly, also we want to ride their superman zipline.

Puerto Princesa,Palawan

Related image

Puerto Princesa is a part of the seven wonders of earth it is really overwelming for us if we step our feet in the most beautiful island here in Philippines.

Happy Beach, Cebu

Image result for cebu pink beach

5th in our bucketlist is the Happy Beach in Cebu, Why do we want to go to the Happy beach? For us it is the best place were you can reflect to yourself, In this place you can know yourself better,you can release your stress although we haven’t get to that places but for us it is the best place in releasing your emotions

Kota Beach, Cebu

Image result for kota beach resort

Kota Beach is where the famous movie Camp Sawi was shoot and I discover this beach in that movie.LIke the happy beach you can also reflect at the same time have fun this beach.


Image result for siargao

Me and my friend Rochelle loves adventure like extreme sports like surfing but the hardest part of this is we dont know how to do it thats why we want to go their.

Casino peak,Cebu

Image result for casino peak

I love the expresssions of the people when they reach the peak of that mountain so Im think what is feeling when Im on their situation .

We hope that maybe ten years from now we can do all of the things in our bucket list

Image result for success meme funny

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